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Decision Strategies International

Decision Strategies International (DSI) helps organizations and their leaders recognize and harness the opportunities in an evolving marketplace. DSI is known across the globe for its expertise in strategic decision-making and managing uncertainty.

•    We provide highly customized consulting and learning programs, thereby helping organizations and leaders see the world differently and build highly competitive, flexible and forward-thinking businesses. We co-create strategy with our clients, generating the institutional understanding and buy-in to execute it with confidence.

•    Our team of world-class consultants helps companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies overcome critical business challenges. Our clients include many of the Fortune 500 firms, including 9 of the Fortune 10. We have also published influential books, research reports and articles in leading journals and business publications, including Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, California Management Review and BusinessWeek.

Our expertise can help you:

•    Plan for Uncertainty
We can help you visualize future scenarios to embrace change, understand the interrelationships between elements in the external environment, and learn to seize opportunities while minimizing strategic risk.

•    Recognize Opportunities
Those who can spot early opportunities will have a distinct advantage over less visionary competitors. We can support recognition and monitoring of signposts and early warnings that can affect your success in the marketplace.

•    Manage Risk
We work with organisations to stress test key elements of strategy across a range of possible futures to determine where value may be created or destroyed. We use these insights to help future proof their strategy by building in flexibility and re-balancing their strategic portfolio of initiatives.

•    Innovate and Grow
We help organisations break free from a tradition of incremental change, uncovering new sources of revenue and introducing new ways to solve problems and grow.
Some of our key offerings include Adaptive Strategic Planning, Strategic Risk Management, Blue Ocean Strategy™, Critical Thinking and Future Studies.

We have helped over 200 organisations across the globe build real competitive advantage. Our projects have included:

•    Supporting a senior management team at an international electric and gas company with anticipating change and evaluating new initiatives to avoid bad investments by recognizing common warning signs

•    Preparing the US Navy to respond to issues surrounding energy security, energy consumption and environmental effects in a 30 year horizon

•    Designed a formal monitoring program for Marathon Oil to track the implications of changing market forces.



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