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Climate  Adaptation Works is an interdisciplinary network of experts with a mutual goal of helping clients to understand and prepare for climate change.

Our clients include governments, financiers, community groups, foundations and research groups, and corporate entities.
While most of the attention to climate change in industrialized nations is appropriately on reducing the emissions that cause climate change, developing countries generally have much lower per capita emissions while the impacts of climate change are likely to be much more severe.

As such, many countries are calling for more resources to reduce the vulnerability to changes in weather, temperature, and precipitation that will produce some opportunities in some places but also great stresses on agriculture, water supplies, infrastructure, biodiversity, and public health.

Climate Adaptation Works partners are experts across the range of adaptation issues:
  • Assessing impacts - translating climatic changes into how they affect humans and the   environment. 
  • Costing impacts
  • Evaluating options to reduce vulnerability, adapt to climate change.
  • Undertaking economic, financial, and policy planning for climate adaptation.
  • Designing measures and systems to finance, engineer, and implement adaptation projects and policies.

News and Events
Dec. 14, 2010 - Copenhagen Principles adopted at Cancun

The 16th UN Conference of the Parties, which concluded on Saturday in Cancun, may have received less coverage than the proceedings in Copenhagen one year previously, but, according to the UN, "faith in the multilateral process"  has been restored... more

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