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June 21

Read the UK Coal Importers Association's informative 2015-2016 review of the year in coal (courtesy Nigel Yaxley)

Read it here

May 10

Energy Edge Partners Karl Schultz and Nigel Yaxley present a new policy brief: The Paris Climate Agreement and Coal: Relevant, but not Definitive

Read it here

January 31

Energy Edge partner Karl Schultz and Linus Adler produce joint study with the European Commission's Joint Research Centre: Environmental and Sustainability Assessment of Current and Prospective Status of Coal Mine Methane Production in the European Union 

Download it here


November 6

Energy Edge partners Karl Schultz and Nigel Yaxley Policy Brief: Stranded Assets, Investment Decisions, and Energy Markets

Read it here

September 25

Energy Edge partner Nigel Yaxley lectured on Coal Emissions and
Environmental Considerations
at the well-regarded Coaltrans training course in Oxford in September 2015.

This outline is a taster for the 100-slide presentation he delivered. Expertise on coal emissions, abatement optionsand associated regulation is a part of Energy Edge's consultancy offering,
with tailored solutions available to meet client's individual needs. 


October 6

Energy Edge's Linus Adler Policy Brief: The Efficiency Trap and other Carbon Capture Quandaries

Read it here

July 11

Energy Edge Partner and Association of UK Coal Importers Managing Director Nigel Yaxley shares this CoalImp piece:  Coal - a Manifesto for Affordable Energy

Read it here

May 2

Energy Edge Partner Nigel Yaxley Policy Brief: UK Energy Policy Uncertainties and the Future for Coal

Read it  here


December 4

Energy Edge Managing Director Karl Schultz Policy Brief: Global Confusion, Yes, But Climate Policies are Here to Stay 

Read it  here

October 22

Energy Edge Partner Nigel Yaxley (as Director of CoalImp) co-chaired a session on "Europe's Coal Industry: a Look into the Future" at the 33rd Coaltrans Conference in Berlin 

March 1

World Coal Magazine article by Linus Adler discussing contrasting claims on whether world thermal coal production is at or near its peak

Read it here

January 21

Energy Edge Partner Nigel Yaxley has been elected as the new Vice President of EURACOAL

Read about it here

January 4

Energy Edge Managing Director Karl Schultz Policy Brief:  The Doha Climate Negotiations - What Should Energy Companies Know?

Read it  here


October 25-26

Energy Edge Managing Director Karl Schultz and Linus Adler co-delivered a presentation on unconventional coal at the European Commission - Joint Research Centre workshop: "Environmental and Socio-Economic Issues - Unconventional Energy in Europe", in Arona, Italy on October 25-26

Read their presentation  here

October 14-16

Energy Edge Partner Martin Bloemendal chaired  the thermal coal session at the 32nd Coaltrans Conference in  Istanbul, October 14-16

October 10

Energy Edge Partner Nigel Yaxley Policy Brief: Regulatory Challenges for the Gas Market in the UK

Read it  here

September 18

Energy Edge Partner Nigel Yaxley Presentation at the European Parliament's  Round Table on Coal ("EU ETS Trading Scheme - Fit for Purpose"):: DG Climate Action’s proposalto back-load EU ETS auctioning

Read it  here

June 19

Energy Edge Managing Director Karl Schultz Presentation at  Methane Gas Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa on Methane Gas in Coal Mines: a Global Overview

Read it  here

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